I do believe I have a new favorite designer. Anupamaa, a brand launched in 2004 out of India by Anupamaa Dayal, has seen enormous success and received extremely positive feedback from such fashion gatekeepers as Cosmopolitan, Elle US, Style.com, and Vogue UK. Anupamaa’s bold patterns, colors, and inspirations backed by endearing philosophy makes a definite statement and reinterprets traditional Indian dress and accesses its trademark use of color and embellishment. See her site at http://anupamaa.com/index.html.

Said about her line from Fall-Winter 2010-11 (this is what I first came across, drawn by her use of Cubist and Picasso influences for that line) on http://wifw.indiatimes.com/showstory.php?storyid=795&dayid=5, the muse for the collection was a woman who is a ‘global nomad’.

“According to the designer, her muse is someone who has traveled the world and her world reflects multicultural influences. The designer creates her own fabrics and for the collection she had varying degrees of silks for different garments with prints derived out of resist-dyed techniques. Being influenced by the concept of ‘global nomad’, the clothes had a very Bohemian free-spirited personality… Anupamaa explained, “I have used a lot of layers, so that the wearer feels comfortable. After all, it is all about being comfortable in your own skin.””

The way Anupamaa expresses her vision for her own fashion approach, women being comfortable in their own skin while being bold and fashionable, as well as her vision for a global nomad who aspires to be multicultural drew me in. Below are some of my favorite designs by Anupamaa (I found these more recent runway images on this blog http://www.fashioninquisitive.com/2012/02/wills-lifestyle-india-fashion-week_16.html). Her brand is sold the world over and features in many well-known stores around the world.

Anupamaa - Autumn-Winter 2012


Anupamaa - Autumn/Winter 2012


Anupamaa - Autumn/Winter 2012

Anupamaa - Autumn/Winter 2012


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