After a too-long hiatus, I’m back at blogging and I’ve gathered lots of inspiration during this time.

Recently, a friend of mine posted a link to Sseko (say-ko) Designs, a not-for-profit organization that provides women in Uganda who are transitioning from secondary school to university a temporary job to make money to pay for school. Sustainable ways of making clothes like this one are coming into fashion, as they should be, and present a great way to spend your money on something with more of a story and meaning than just any pair shoes. Buying a pair of shoes means you get to accessorize with pride and support girls going on to get educations to be “doctors, lawyers, politicians, writers and teachers”.

Sseko Designs

As summer is on the way and, if you don’t live in a rainy climate like I do, spring has sprung and so has sandal season. Not to mention, they’re a great way to bring a bit of color to any outfit. Read more about the organization and shop for some new sandals at

Sseko Designs


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Hey I'm Jennifer. I'm a traveler, an artist, specifically fiber, a student, a fashion/color enthusiast, and, sadly for you, a rambler. :) This is just me shouting out to the world amongst a whole lot of other noise...

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