Timoure et Group

I spent a few days in Prague recently and was fortunate enough to have an afternoon where I could explore a few local fashion stores of Czech designers. I tracked down six in a small area near the impressive fashion street Parizska. A few stores were even gracious enough to let me take pictures inside. The clothing I found varied depending on the store but ranged from classy, stunning lace dresses to funky and graphic style street fashion. It’s always a fantastic and special experience exploring and observing local design to get a unique view of a city. More to come later on another one of the designers later. For links to the designer’s/store’s pages go to http://www.czechfashion.cz/, a group promoting local Czech designers. Here are a few images inside and out of different stores I was able to visit.


Klara Nademlynska

Hana Havelkova - outside the studio



About littleswissyarns

Hey I'm Jennifer. I'm a traveler, an artist, specifically fiber, a student, a fashion/color enthusiast, and, sadly for you, a rambler. :) This is just me shouting out to the world amongst a whole lot of other noise...

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