Today I had the pleasure of seeing Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss from 1907 on display in the Belvedere Gallery in Vienna. The painting simply stuns and viewing is nothing but an emotional and moving experience. Seeing it easily explains how and why the painting has surely inspired so many further works of art, design, and fashion.


The Kiss - a painting from 1907 by Gustav Klimt

While I was there I had an epiphany about one certain designer. Something in the flowers suggested to me that Marimekko’s poppy design may have found it’s inspiration from Klimt’s flowers in The Kiss. It might be a bit crazy. But regardless I have a sense of nostalgia for these flowers and found immense joy in this connection.


Close-up of Klimt's flowers in "The Kiss"


Marimekko Poppy




Regardless, in seeing several of Klimt’s works in the past few days, he undeniably played a part in inspiring further fashion movements. Egyptian design elements, boyish silhouettes, and loose garments characterize the (clothed) women in his paintings and may play as precedents to the flapper fashion movement of the 1920’s. Further the patterns of his designs carry influential motifs that must manifest in later clothing and fashion trends as displayed responses to his work. I can’t help but ponder the greatness of a realized version of Klimt’s women’s dresses. Let’s consider this a future project.


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  1. monicaali says:

    What a painting!

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