Recently I had the opportunity to explore Budapest and had the luxury to spend much of my free time hunting down the local Hungarian fashion design shops. Budapest as a whole, architecturally and otherwise, comes off as a rather eclectic city and the local shops followed suit, fortunately for me. Unfortunately I only made it to a few including Fregoli and Retrock Deluxe, two small boutiques located on the Pest side of the city. What fantastic finds! The one store I never had a chance to enter, Mono (see website at, still grabs at me. The storefront windows held promising pieces hinting at influences from the traditional and modern dress of Hungary combined in extremely wearable and edgy pieces. That aura entices me like none other in a piece of clothing and is a realm of fashion I hope to tap into and bring together from around the world someday. If you want a more complete description of Hungarian fashion and their journey in the industry, read this New York Times article:

Eclectick - a fashion line from Budapest

Some might say that fashion I found in these shops incorporated a few of the key elements Americans categorize as “hipster” such as nerd glasses and funky sweaters.  The clothes contained a combination of art nouveau, modernist design, and street style funk. I found them refreshing, unique, and well done. Certainly it appears that fashion design is a newly forming industry in Hungary (as I’m sure the Communist regime didn’t highly value the occupation) and they are working harder than ever to break into the field. I for one am sold. Their perspective, while I’m still trying to place it, carries something that will draw me back in the future. For now I’ll keep an eye out for their progress in the fashion world. Just warning you Budapest, I have high expectations!

Retrock Deluxe - the interior of the store


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