A woman I attended high school with became a plus size model after graduating and she is simply stunning. I see her on Facebook constantly advocating plus size models and appreciating beauty in other body types, an inspiring and hopeful aspiration for future body image types. While I can’t say I’m an integral part of the high fashion or model world, I must say I am impressed with the perspective she and her fellow plus size models take to beauty. Our society certainly does not infuse the notion that all of us are beautiful no matter our body type the way it should. Health standards need attention from both ends of the spectrum and in fashion, modelling, and our society as a whole tend to only look at the negative effects of overweight rather than underweight body ideals.

If the fashion world discriminates and the rest of the world ignores based on body type, we perpetuate the problems of today in further forms and create more divide. There are numerous sources to educate yourself on the “other side” of modelling not seen on the twig model side of fashion. Here is just one to start: http://issuu.com/plusmodelmag/docs/plus_model_magazine_march2012_plus_size?mode=window&viewMode=doublePage

The models are inspiring and truly beautiful. This magazine shows a great way to see the side of fashion no one hears enough of. Enjoy!


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Hey I'm Jennifer. I'm a traveler, an artist, specifically fiber, a student, a fashion/color enthusiast, and, sadly for you, a rambler. :) This is just me shouting out to the world amongst a whole lot of other noise...

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