Sometimes when someone crafts, their creation looks “homemade.” As someone who takes “making things” from knitting to wire work fairly seriously, I know that the crafter strives to create works that one would never know was handmade. Why? While handmade is decidedly gorgeous and often of the best quality, handmade creations sometimes dangerously sway towards a look that says kid-crafty, disheveled, or poorly made. As an artist, one must avoid this symptom at all costs.

Exquisite handmade wedding dress covered on "Gia Canali Photography"'s blog on wedding photography.

Recently I came across the most exquisite handmade wedding dress I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing (via internet of course – see this link for the story and more pictures – Regardless of how it looked, a handmade, especially bride-made, wedding dress would impress me. However, one so classy as this truly catches the eye. I can’t say that this workmanship or sense of taste and tack comes to everyone and I can only hope that if I took on such an undertaking someday that my dress would have half the cuteness and classic simplicity that charms the viewer. Well really, I would hope it would have all of it and some color added. But for now I’m truly stunned by the beauty. While “fashion” does not consist of simply clothes and while the classification of a handmade piece as fashion may border on the “wishful thinking” realm, I would propose that one may embrace, create, propel, and inspire through handmade works and more directly interact with the fashion process. And who am I to say that isn’t fashion?


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Hey I'm Jennifer. I'm a traveler, an artist, specifically fiber, a student, a fashion/color enthusiast, and, sadly for you, a rambler. :) This is just me shouting out to the world amongst a whole lot of other noise...

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