Zaz, born as Isabelle Geffroy, is a successful French singer who has topped music charts in France and Belgium with her singles and featured high up on many European music charts.

Zaz Album Cover - Punk fashion + Headband

Zaz, while being successful singer, also makes a definite statement with her fashion choices. In several of her music videos and featured album covers, she wears fantastic wide headbands that brings a bohemian flair to her artistic image. Not everyone call pull off this messy, punk look while singing joyful, whimsical songs. The headband and asymmetrical jewelry highlight and edgy, artistic, and beautiful aesthetic that I find endearing.

To see more of her design aesthetic and the fantastic headband (that I would LOVE to find and figure out how to wear) watch her music video “Je veux”, a lively commentary on the commercialism and mainstream sold to most youth today. She even calls out “les bijoux de chez Chanel”, a hit to one of the most famous and adored fashion designers of all time, providing her own perspective on the fashion world.

“Je veux” by Zaz:



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