As a bit of a Korean drama addict, I have watched my fair share of shows and have become acquainted with the actor Lee Min Ho. In dramas like “Personal Taste” his fashion flair was above and beyond and is known as one of the best dressed actors in Korea. His current fashion stylist is Jung Hye Jin, Chief Designer of EA, and the actor is known for trying fresh and exciting fashion trends, such as dressing in a navy blue especially designed suit for the MBC Drama awards  in 2011.

Lee Min Ho as a fashion icon for Korea

In the drama, Personal Taste from 2010, Lee Min Ho was featured wearing highwater trousers and a variety of interestingly cut button up shirts and jackets. While I may be a bit impartial to the actor’s looks, his style is spot on and, in my opinion, far ahead of the fashion world that I see around me in my little Swiss-college world. I might not have picked such styles personally to wear, but his clean cut and classy dress leaves a huge impression on where fashion might head and suggests something of street fashion with added class. The combination below invokes a sense of geometric lines and angular looks which complements the actor’s facial features and hair.

Lee Min Ho in MBS Korean drama "Personal Taste"


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