One of the most apparent styles that has come in and out for years. Personally I’ve always enjoyed the vintage clothing that makes huge comebacks era after era. Namely this is due to the fact that my mother kept some of her best pieces from growing up in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s and allows me to borrow them from time to time.

Recently plaid and button up shirts have come back in. One might argue when were they ever “out” as they’re a bit of a staple and it’s hard to follow the faster and faster moving cycles of fashion today. However, I find it fascinating to look at the similarities of incoming styles and their recreation of the past.

Wendell and Emmy Lou, ca. 1950

Above is a picture of my adorable grandparents in the early 1950’s. My grandmother sports a button up plaid shirt and great curled bangs. Her pants are high-waisted and admittedly the collar on her shirt is a bit more unusual.

Regardless, comparing this outfit to the following picture produces an uncanny likeness. Everything from the hair to the waist line to the necklace that resembles a Western bolo tie (while unpictured here, my grandma wears bolo ties regularly). The picture below comes from, which of course takes inspiration from vintage fashion. They hit right on the mark however and while they do cater to the vintage lover crowd, these shirts and this fashion throwback is certainly not isolated to only those who love vintage. The trend is much bigger than this and is a great demonstration of the way fashion constantly fades out and back in. Personally I think it’s fantastic. This is something that’s too good to let go of forever!



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