As this is my first post as a fashion blogger of sorts, I’d like to introduce myself with my very favorite shoe designers and their newest collaboration with a Dutch designer, Mattijs van Bergen. For more information on the logistics of this designer and his relation to the ever fabulous United Nude shoe company, see

United Nude collaboration with Mattijs van Bergen

These shoes inspire a number of influences in my mind from wings to Greek mythology to the vague resemblance of a mohawk hairstyle. What I enjoy about these is the incredible design that went into them, making them an unexpected shoe. Personally I might be squealing if I just got to try them on! However, upon viewing the runway shots of the shoe head on, I am a bit disappointed at their rather ordinary quality from the front. They’re still eye-catching anyway and just appear as an interesting boot from the front. The colors are great too which always helps the appeal of the shoe.

United Nude collaboration with Mattijs van Bergen

United Nude has a tendency to create the most unusual, surprising shoes. Well more than a tendency, a mission. I love seeing the result of their collaborations with outside designers and can’t wait to see what comes out of these projects next!


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Hey I'm Jennifer. I'm a traveler, an artist, specifically fiber, a student, a fashion/color enthusiast, and, sadly for you, a rambler. :) This is just me shouting out to the world amongst a whole lot of other noise...

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